In a world of horses, we're a zebra.

The most prestigious department stores, specialty retail stores, and distribution partners in the world don't consider us their "count-on vendor for new innovation" because we look and perform like all the others. They look to our innovative and creative team because for over 15 years we have been creating new streams of revenue by providing unique branded products and supporting them with unparalleled in store retail theater and consistent push to bring the products alive off the shelf.

We make our partners more money.


We're different... and perhaps a little strange.

That's because we're not just leaders in one area. As a product sales and marketing company, we're leaders in a wide and eclectic array of products for our partners. From hair irons to remote control toys; from skincare to girls activities; from body therapy to cosmetics.


The common theme to this unique variety of products is that each item we create must have a "WOW!" factor that can be described in less than 90 seconds.  Without an “I’ve never seen that before”, or great before and after results, or “that’s cool” from the customer, we will not have accomplished our goal.



We are a trusted partner to some of the largest and most prestigious department stores in the U.S. and abroad, including Bloomingdale's, Lord & Taylor, Toys 'R' Us, Selfridges, and more.



Traditional retailers count on us to bring exciting new, top-selling products into their store offering, and we're happy to not just meet but to exceed their expectations.


We also work to create new channels of revenue for our partners by developing private label products that resonate with customers while ensuring brand consistency.